Santa Rosa Charter Elementary School

Distance Learning Extended to 5/29

Santa Rosa Charter Elementary School students develop critical thinking skills and logical reasoning strategies and build relationships that foster a greater understanding of the world around them. Classes are designed to meet and exceed standards by covering contents in depth and complexity.

Students' varied learning styles and strengths are incorporated into the curriculum design. Santa Rosa School curriculum is divided up between five core teachers, three 5th grade teachers and two 6th grade teachers. Grade levels are divided by having a math/science teacher and a language arts/history teacher in each grade level. In addition to the core classes, SRACS also offers P.E. and electives such as: art, band, drama, chorus, science enrichment, media technology, and Spanish. Band is separated into advanced and beginning levels and is taught during the elective time period.

The school is operated as a public school under the jurisdiction of Santa Rosa City Schools District as a Charter School. Charter Schools are held accountable to the same rigorous standards that regular public schools are held to. The differences are the delivery methods and model of instruction, and the choice of materials which are decided at the site level. These choices allow the teacher to use different learning styles of students as a way to guide the process and products of the standards based curriculum.

“We are a family that supports each other”

“The small school environment helps us to focus on what’s important… our education”


Santa Rosa School
4650 Piner Rd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Phone: 707-575-1234